What is tourno?

Tourno is a compact web application which allows YOU to create tournaments quickly and cheaply. It is an end to end tournament setup and management tool. VERY EASY! Anybody can do it!

Our Mission

we always complete our missions

Our mission is simple - make tournaments easier to create and manage. Let technology take care of the counting and get back to enjoying the tournament.

Imagine creating your entire tournament online, the whole thing, start to finish, before the kickoff whistle is blown. Its available for all to see and follow. And then just sitting back and letting tourno do the magic based on the results of games. Imagine live updates submitted by members of your tournament management team from their mobile phones. They can do it from anywhere and it is available for all to see.

Why Choose Us?

tourno is different than any other

  • Easy Access
    create/manage your tournaments from any device
  • Tournament Package
    all the pages you need
  • Languages
    multi-language support
  • Online
    real time updates
  • Cheap
    pay as you go payment model

Who We Are?

  • Company name CR3 Data
  • Company ID 2788228-5
  • Address: Kukkakuja 3, 10300 Karjaa, Finland
  • Phone +358 50 5436400
  • E-mail support@tourno.fi

Pricing in tourno

Tourno pricing is very simple. Each team costs 5€ and each game costs 0€. For example, a group of 4 teams (6 games if all teams play each other once) will cost 20€.

BUT, with tourno, you don't just get the teams and games, you get a whole bunch of other stuff too ... free of charge

  • A tournament invitation system
  • A tournament application system
  • A payment recording system
  • A contact system
  • A referee management system
  • A tournament moderator system (to update game results on the fly)
  • .... the list goes on and on ....
  • Show me how it all works

You can use all of the above tools to build your tournament totally free of charge. And if, for whatever reason, your tournament never happens, no problem, you will not be charged anything.

However, if the tournament does happen and games are played, an invoice will be sent to your email close to the end of the tournament. Remember, its easy to count - 5€ per team and 0€ per game.

What else does tourno offer?

Tourno is developing all the time and new features are being added on a regular basis. There are a huge number of goodies available out of the box already including the following:

Tournament pages

Tourno gives you, by default, at least 4 pages for your tournament. 1 page is dedicated to tournament information (description, location, etc) while the other 3 are for your competition. There you can see groups and games as a whole or per team.

Multiple competitions in a Single tournament

Tourno allows for multiple competitions in a single tournament and creating them couldn't be easier. On the tourno tournament space, visitors can view all competitons as a whole or only that competition they are interested in. All at the click of a button.

Configurable Group Positioning Rules

Teams have a position in a group. But sometimes a teams points are not enough to decide the position. What if they have the same points? Maybe you want the goal difference to be the deciding factor after the points balance. But wait, maybe the winner of the game between the 2 teams in question should come before the goal difference. No worries. Tourno lets you drag and drop the rules in the order you want. They will be applied to your tournament games automatically.


Referees can easily be created and added to games.

Tournament Final Positioning Setup

Whether your tournament is a knockout competition or whether every team gets a final position, Tourno lets you set this all up before the tournament even kicks off. As the tournament competition(s) progress, the positioning is updated on the tournament page and on the games pages automatically - no page refresh needed

Multiple Tournament Presentation Options

Want to present your tournament, or part of it, on a big screen? No problem. Tourno lets you choose from differernt different presentation types: Slide show, slow scrolling or time dependent presentation. With all presentation methods, you decide the speed at which different parts are shown and how often games and groups are updated on the screen. This allows you to put the presentation running and get on with the tournament. Results will be shown on the presentation as they happen.